About Tu mobilhome

About Tu mobilhome

More than 150 prefabricated houses sold in the last year speaks for itself.

Tumobilhome bases its activity on the commercialization and installation of prefabricated mobile homes specialized in mid to high-end homes to use as 1st or secondary housing, although we are also active in the holiday home world.

Our experience in this field has now risen to 27 years. This experience, coupled with the trust placed upon us by our clients and, above all, their satisfaction are, without doubt, a guarantee of professionalism and trust.

At Tumobilhome we aspire to fulfill the dreams of many families who for different reasons have not been able to access a traditionally constructed house with their families and are tired of renting or the absence of privacy, we provide the possibility of independence in just 48 hours and with the only requirement being; to have a place to locate the house.

These are difficult times and mobile homes are the best solution for those who want not only the freedom to live without being tied to a mortgage at 30, 40 or more years but want to live comfortably and without having to allocate that large amount of money that is asked of us for a conventional house, all whilst being able to live with much more quality of life enjoying the pleasures that life bring us.

Who does not like to be able to have a new car every 4 or 5 years? Or to do that dream trip every year to relax from stress and routine?

At Tumobilhome we give you the opportunity to enjoy the house of your dreams and at a modest price so that you can enjoy the great pleasures that life offers us and that we could otherwise not enjoy.

We invite you to relax and enjoy viewing our stock of prefabricated houses and lay the foundation for a better future with more quality.